Cotton Threads

At JOOLKAT we feel that we have a responsibility to source our suppliers and manufacturers with a view to protecting the environment as far as possible.


We are careful not to waste fabric during our making process which
is why we came up with an ethical use for our surplus fabric and offcuts by creating a range of reusable sponges and make up wipes.

Items are made lovingly by us or by manufacturers who produce products ethically and sustainably. All our reusable products are sewn with 100% cotton thread, allowing them to be composted when they've reached the end of their useful life.


  • Organic OEKO-TEX® certified 100% cotton waffle and fleece
    for our reusables (certified to be free from harmful substances).

  • Bamboo for our sponges and face wipes. Bamboo fabric is created from the cellulose that naturally occurs in the leaves
    and stem of the bamboo plant. As Bamboo is a fast growing plant requiring no pesticides to grow it is widely regarded as being an ecologically friendly fabric. It is also naturally antibacterial making it an excellent choice for our re-usable range of products.

  • 100% Cotton – uncoated in a range of weights.

  • OEKO-TEX® Linen manufactured using fibres from the flax plant. This is a natural plant that generally has a more eco friendly growing and harvesting stage than say for example a synthetic fibre, and regular cotton.